Louk's Brew: Identity + Packaging

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My personal objective with this project was to create three very different package designs for the same product to be able to illustrate how something with such a pre-determined visual standard as beer can break that mold.

This beer is meant to target an old-school gamer crowd, that enjoys things such as comic books and video game. 


Option one


This options explores the idea of a subtle hint to MAGIC CARDS. The concept was to de-construct the card layout as much as possible while still being recognizable.

Original illustrations. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 1.35.00 PM.png

Option two


This option is based on the concept of creating a unique comic depending on how the bottles are placed on the shelf. The objective would be to create a story line in which the images can be interchanged, and therefore creating a unique sequence depending on how the store choses to display the different types of beers. 


Option three


This is the most abstract rendition. The concept is to create a visual that resembles the Japanese style in which so many mangas and video games in the 90's were based on.